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​​Our Staff:
Dan Ketterman - Area Director
Emily Kurfis - Area Staff

Dan and his wife Tiffany are originally from Springfield, Ohio. Dan in his first 4 years on Young Life staff worked with Wittenberg University and Cedarville University students to share Jesus with kids in Clark County. Dan and Tiffany also have two sons, Jonah and Henry, and a daughter, Lucy.

Emily has lived in Northwest Ohio for her entire life and attended Anthony Wayne Schools from the time she was 11. During her freshman year of high school, she was introduced to the gospel of Christ at Young Life club, and eventually began a relationship with God after attending YL Camp at Rockbridge in Virginia. After high school, Emily attended the University of Toledo and was placed as a leader at Perrysburg High School. She played an instrumental role in getting YL up and running at that school and we feel lucky to have her on staff now! As Emily begins her journey on staff, she will be starting Young Life at Maumee High School. We are excited for the ways God is going to move in the Black Swamp Area this year!

​​Our Leaders:
Whether its supporting them at sporting events, hanging out with them on the weekends, or just listening to them talk about their interests, leaders care about kids. Building trustworthy relationships, Young Life leaders challenge kids to consider the direction of their lives and offer hope for their future. All of our leaders have committed themselves to the sharing Jesus Christ with the adolescents of Northwest Ohio. ​​​

Anthony Wayne HS
Kate Rudebock
Chris Albert
Katie Reitzel
Anna Hanson

Bowling Green HS
Ciera Buckley
Heather Ickes 
Ryan Chapman-Smith
Brad Seeger

Bowling Green WyldLife
Jim Oberlander
Gail English
Allie Bingham
Brandon Stirn

Chris Hubbard
Madeline Keil
Kate O'Malley
Josh McGee
Mallory Phillips
Brooke Pickett

Elmwood HS
Alysa Pipkin
Holly Huffman
Will Wiseman

Maumee HS
Emily Kurfis
Riley Delben
Jason Armstrong
Ania Rodriguez
Whysper Applin 

Maumee WyldLife (Gateway Middle School)
Emily Kurfis
Jason Armstrong
Alicia Sawyers
Emily Frost

Otsego HS
Ben Huffer
Abby Seaman
Erin Vargo
Glenn Chambers
Julia Maas

Perrysburg HS
Dan Ketterman
Tiffany Ketterman
Stephanie Duncan
Landon Rohrer 
Peyton Cox​
Connor Knoop

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Phone: (937) 408-1781

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